Home » My End to End Land's End to John O'Groats long walk blog » My End to End walk: Leg 13: Days 51 to 56: Hawes to Haltwhistle; July 14 to 19 2018, 103.36 miles (166km) walked so far: 815.01 miles (1,311 km).

My End to End walk: Leg 13: Days 51 to 56: Hawes to Haltwhistle; July 14 to 19 2018, 103.36 miles (166km) walked so far: 815.01 miles (1,311 km).

Cumbria, Northumberland…it’s all about sheep!

Superman was at the Green Dragon in Hardraw. And he’ll be there when you go too!

Great cairns of the Pennine way and useful too on foggy days

Near Thwaite

Perfect mother and lamb

Ahh Stonesdale Falls…

My friend Rebecca was my companion for four of these six days. Great company, lots of fun and so strong!  With a very large pack, she had no problem powering up the mountain 🙂

Family portrait

Our stop for tonight: the famous historic and super friendly Tan Hill Inn, highest pub in England where we slept at four in a tiny room, Gen, Rebecca, John and me, not letting France’s victory tarnish the mood 🙂

Tan Hill

Someone put a feather in the tree

God’s Bridge

I love all honesty Tuck shops but this one takes the cake, and eats it too!

Blackton reservoir

Mums are so useful. But might be time to grow up a little for these twins…

Low Force waterfall, Wynch Bridge

Gang leader dude at Sayer Hill

Cauldron Snout. You see the straight up rocks to the right of the falls? That’s the trail, exciting to have a little bit of rock climbing 🙂

Rasp Hill

A crowd of Belted Galloways

High Cup Nick

Cross Fell


Lambley viaduct

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  1. Chérie, je regarde cette partie de ton Blog et en retire 2 photos Une Catherine Ecosse Cumbria avec les 2 arbre… et la chèvre qui te regarde…… TELLEMENT TOI !!!!! et, Ecosse 2018 les 4 moutons qui te regardent aussi…. Ai vu toutes les petites vidéos… sur des chemins déserts et périlleux….. Je t’admire Catherine, et prie pour que tu arrives à John O’Groath en bonne forme !!!!!
    Extraordinaire ! Ta maman qui t’aime.
  2. VSB says:
    Grinning – & a little jealous. Loved the “gang leader”… and you!
  3. Lucie says:
    C’est vraiment impressionnant ton parcours, Catherine! Et quelles belles photos! Bravo sur toute la ligne!
  4. Teresa Turvey says:
    Gorgeous. Well done, Catherine and Rebecca! Looking forward to the next installments – I love this blog. Lots of love.
  5. Lop says:
    Great photos Catherine! The glaciated valleys are gorgeous-I love the last selfie with sheep pic!
  6. Lolo says:
    What fantastic vistas. Love that countryside. How old are those cairns and Cross Fell?
  7. Jane says:
    Haha! So many sheep! Lovely pics as ever hon! Xxx

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