Home » My End to End Land's End to John O'Groats long walk blog » My End to End walk: Leg 15: Days 61 to 65: Peebles to Falkirk, SCOTLAND!; October 9 to 12 2018, 69 miles (111km) walked so far: 958 miles (1,542 km).

My End to End walk: Leg 15: Days 61 to 65: Peebles to Falkirk, SCOTLAND!; October 9 to 12 2018, 69 miles (111km) walked so far: 958 miles (1,542 km).

Early morning flight to … Scotland!

Catching a bus from Edinburgh

Hello Peebles


So good to be back on the trail

October bounty October apple season

Barony castle, Eddleston

I’ve had some better dinners but oh well..in a world that has not yet caught up…. But was cool to eat with Ian and Vanessa, Scottish actors currently on stage in “Calendar Girls” in Edinburgh

Giant map of Scotland, made by a Polish sergent Jan Tomasik to thank Scotland for its hospitality during the war. Now that’s a nice thank you gift! I can see the mountains I still have to climb. Thank you very much. Gulp.

Glad I did not stay here in Byrony castle, yikes.

Ada hill.

Don Q was here.

Ok so it’s one of my favourite months, October.. any excuse to go overboard with “foliage”. This is the “foliage” segment of my walk, my blog and your patience…..  might be pushing it….

Here comes the rain

There are mysterious creatures in the trees of Scotland you know

Heading south. Can I join you? Not until you get to J.O.G.!

Early morning in the Borders. I love the Borders.

Selfie. Another day without seeing a soul. Bliss. 

North Esk reservoir

There should be some civilisation over these Pentland hills?

Good company

the road to Balerno…

Nap time! I was on that hill just a while ago…….

Union canal

Just before reaching Rathko, a little break in warm setting sun

Union canal fest.

John travels on this cycle along the canals and France bound. Happy moments w him. What’s more he’s vegan, which means that despite his age (72) , he is super strong, super fit, super healthy and pretty damn good looking and cool too with his sparkling blue eyes. 😉

Linlithgow Palace. Birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1542.

Arrival in Falkirk just before buckets of rain and flight home totally soaked in plane. Sad to leave but looking forward to the Kelpies, the Falkirk wheel and more adventures to John O’Groats when spring arrives…

Thanks dear friends for lookin’!

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  1. My Catherine, what courage you need to go for days and days through fantastic landscapes, some friendly, some much less !!! Glad you met a great looking vegan gentemen on your pass.
    I admire continuously your sence of observation and captivités. Take care of yourself, my lovely daughter and come back enriched for life and in perfect heath !!!
    My love to Philippa Fraser if you meet her at her Moniack Castle in Kirkhill near Inverness if you go near there….
    Your maman qui t’aime !
  2. Sue oliver says:
    Fantastic. Love the colours.
  3. nicholas says:
    wow dazzling !