Home » My End to End Land's End to John O'Groats long walk blog » My End to End walk: Leg 9: Days 34 to 36: Worcester to Codsall; April 1 to 5, 2018, 48.5 miles (78 km). Total walked so far: 480 miles (772 km)

My End to End walk: Leg 9: Days 34 to 36: Worcester to Codsall; April 1 to 5, 2018, 48.5 miles (78 km). Total walked so far: 480 miles (772 km)

More along the beautiful river Severn, or Severn Canal, Worcesterhire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and so on along the county line..

The best is we’ve passed Birmingham and didn’t even so much as notice!

Hard rain these days, so no photos on my first 20-mile day up the River Severn to Bewdley.

Bewdely is surprisingly beautiful. 

James and Francesca, are the loveliest couple in Bewdley with sparkels in their eyes. He’s a music studio engineer & producer, she’s a history teacher. Robert Plant was born here and still lives here, but he is not the most chummy guy in town according to these two sweethearts. 

Somebody’s labour of love…

Our trail just could not decide, and Litza and I just kept moving from Staffordshire to Shropshire and back..

Yes, there can be such a thing and one stuffed cat too many in the Midlands or anywhere. These poor guys met their maker before their time and are now in a Six Ashes pub….

And this guy is the pride and joy of Mrs Giffard (from Texas) at Chillingdon Hall. Her husband’s family have been here since the 12th century. Still no excuse for the dead cat thing 🙁 

Hey! I blinked and the daffs have arrived! Horray!

Born yesterday, literally.

So much rain, so much water…. I did have to wade barefoot down some ways of a sunken trail before Stourport-on-Severn, a magical historical and also strange all-year Luna Park town,  but it was too rainy that day to even take any pictures.

Pattingham: another exceptionally beautiful village.

A little bit of Zion just out of Pattingham

Good to know.

Shropshire…Staffordshire confusion continues. Don’t ask me where we are!

Our lovely glamping hostess for two (freezing) nights, Abi and my lovely walking companion Litza.

Woodhall Glamping: a great place to be for two days.

See you there for my birthday in two years! TBC….

Downton Abbey? No, Chillingdon, something to discover on our “rest day”.

Darts and pints in Codsall Wood with Ryan and Lee are the best thing for a rainy Wednesday afternoon. “Going to London?” “Aw, no thanks, we would not like that at all!” they said. “If we want a big city, we’ll go to Wolverhampton, there is everything you could ever need or want there!”. We had a delicious dinner and a lovely evening here at the Pendrell Arms,  “the worst food in Staffordshire” according to Yelp.(Thanks Lawrence!)  And to think that quite a few locals told us not to go there, including this charming fellow down the road:

Thanks for lookin’

Till next time!

😉 Catherine

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  1. Teresa Turvey says:
    Hurrah, Catherine! — I love to read these entries. We had a very happy holiday in Shropshire (not Staffordshire, ha ha) when the kids were small, awww… Walks on the Long Mynd and many other delights. Thinking of you. Glamping for birthday is brilliant idea! Lots of love.
  2. Laura Mosedale says:
    Those big cats reminded me of a book we have called ‘Bad Taxidermy’! Love the rainbows and daffodils. Thanks for sharing these and good luck on this next leg! I can’t believe how far along you are already.
  3. Lucie says:
    Catherine, c’est vraiment incroyable et magnifique ces innombrables balades que tu fais! J’adore! Bravo pour ton éternel enthousiasme!
  4. Simone says:
    Wow what an adventure you had in all that rain Catherine.. live love love all the photos & the thought of you wading barefoot reminds me of Home in the tropics…. xx
  5. Louise says:
    Glamping for your bday down in diary! I’m rather glad i missed 20 miles in the rain but now determined to visit Bewdley which I know as a local place name having grown up not many miles from worcester. What an intrepid adventurer you are! Evocative pics as always!
  6. Lolo says:
    Such wonderful photographs. Makes me wish I was there, rain and all!
  7. Sasha says:
    Oh such an adventure and a great inspiration. I think it would take me Many years to achieve what u r doing as I am quite a fair weather person.
    U nearly came past us.
    Next time ! When u head south again !

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