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The city makes and breaks itself in the swoop of history
She gets thicker and thinner
In a fashion of a masqued ball
Rarely the same and always different
Cities pass before our eyes
London, Paris, New York, San Francisco…
One after the other are penetrated and explored

Folding over themselves
Corners pinched between two streets
They jump to the eyes as singular beings
Observation posts reminding of ship’s keels

The photographer’s lens catches them, explores them
The city is staging itself at the junction of roads
As a raw and abstract décor
That brings to mind expressionism, cubism

Cutting rays transpire shadows of night
The clarity

of day floods the corners
Subtle assemblage obtained by cutting and pasting
Deconstructing and re-constructing rare images
Discreetly framed, to deliver a message
In a fury rain of colours