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Bermondsey: What a change since the days of the docks and leather! And then again a new world since the war and the deserted sixties! Bermondsey is today the place to be, to eat, to see the most cutting edge art, to drink rude coffee and more! The Borough: Well…there’s a lot more to the […]

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Monday January 29, 2024 Sunday February 3, 2024 and Wednesday February 7, 2024 All walks are from 10:30am to 12:30. Those of you who were here in London in the late 80’s might remember Kings Cross as down-and-out, disreputable, unsavoury, dangerous and all-around not recommendable, but as you know, Kings Cross is now a new shiny, […]

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“What part of ‘Vauxhall’ don’t you understand? Do the ‘Lambeth Walk’ with me and find out” What is there to see there?? Well, if you live in London, or elsewhere, you might not know! Lots! From marshy grounds rise great artists and thinkers, a train station for those who are departing forever, the oldest and […]

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This fascinating walks takes us through St Katharine’s Docks and Wapping, journey from the time of little fishing villages to the rise and fall of the greatest docks of the British Empire, you will hear stories of intrigue, pirates and murder, the press gangs, social unrest and early human rights. The Docklands are one of […]

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