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Black & White Photography

All of my black & white images are silver gelatin prints made with a Crown Graphic 4 x 5” field camera.  The 16 x 20” photographs are at a limited edition of 40.

From any place in nature emanates an essential spirit or energy.   My photographs stem from long back road trips, seeking places where I find myself most centered, most mindful, bigger in a way, discovering this ancient connection many of us have with the earth.  Taking photographs is a ritual of sorts I have adopted  in order to find a voice.

This energy is a positive one I aim to bring back to the darkroom, and hopefully later to the view of others.

The aesthetic of dichotomies seem to bring in the most interesting dialogue. The wilderness sometimes engulfs me; I am tiny and big at the same time, I let my eyes follow the tracks that will lead to an image.  A trail leads to the sky, the sky reflects the earth, contradicts and completes it simultaneously.  The order and the chaos are one.

Big Field near Grancy Switzerland 1996

Bamboo Shoots Huntington Gardens 1997

Burney Falls, California 1998

Country Road near Redding, California 1992

Crossroads 1997

Dark Woods, 1994

Dark Woods 1994

Death Valley Dune 1993

Desert Underbrush 1993

Do Not Shoot Turkeys 1995

Encounters 1997

Foggy Field near Aix-en-Provence 1994

Four Trees near Avenches, Switzerland 1995.

FreezeFog Day Cambridgeshire UK 1996

Frozen Bush Villars-Bozon, Switzerland 1993

Funnel Cloud Nevada 1994

Gothard Pass Switzerland 1993

‘L’ Road Cossonay, Switzerland 1993

La Tine, Switzerland 1997

Lake Britton, California 1998

Lost Parade, Cambridgeshire 1996

Palm Trees, Las Vegas 1991

Mini Forest, Les Verrières, Switzerland 1993

Mossy Tree Buttes, Switzerland 1993

Orr Springs, California 1991

Palm Scales, San Marino California 1998

Patchwork Vineyards, Bex, Switzerland 1993
Petaluma Vineyard, California 1992

Possibilities, Gulf of Mexico 1997

Riverbed, Paskenta California 1995

The Road to Lugano, Switzerland 1993

Ron’s Nevada Sky 1995

Salinas Hills California 1995

Skyline, Bonachiesse Switzerland 1994

Skyline Fence California 1995

Stormy Trees near Berne, Switzerland 1993

Summer Bed, Golden Gate Park San Francisco 1998

The Separation, Cambridgeshire UK 1995

Toft Parish, Cambridgeshire UK 1996

Trees of New Almaden Mine, California 1994

Upcoming Storm on Highway 35, California 1994

Val Ferret, Switzerland 1994

Wave Rocks, Fresno, California 1994
Windy Field, Paskenta, California 1994