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This tour is a must for the visitor to London, a city of villages indeed, but the great monuments of power are a sight to be seen. “If these walls could talk” well…. perhaps I can make them talk just enough for you and a great day discovering and exploring the center of the centre […]

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BLOOMSBURY! You will hear all kinds of incredible stories I have dug out for you, (literary and more), see places on your doorstep you might have never seen before, hear the latest gossip of those who once “lived in squares, loved in triangles and painted in circles”, the “Bloomsberries” of course, and….. many more tales […]

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Over the centuries, from the Huguenot Protestant silk weavers to the Irish Catholics, the Ashkenazi Jews and the Muslim Bengalis of what is now know as ‘Banglatown’,  along with the affluent artists and architects and designers of today, this neighbourhood has seen so many changes, each bringing much mystery and intrigue to this “unique cultural crucible” […]