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Every inch of cute cobblestoned flowery Hampstead seems to be full of magnolias, bluebells and jasmine, endless stories of marine painters and musicians from punk to Pink Floyd, water moguls, French generals and American authors, sci-fi film directors and futurist mystery writers, egyptologists and criminals, magicians and actors all went to church together… This is where our favourite Dame lives in a cottage overlooking Peter Pan’s grave sitting higher than the homes of the greatest architects and while Kipling mixed water with gin, Constable made the Heath stand still forever. Meanwhile DH Lawrence made life topsy turvy with mad love… Join me on the footsteps of those who made the world as we know it. All this this in a little village called Hampstead…

These 790 acres of labyrinthian hilltop London are a must to explore and what better way than with friends you haven’t met yet?  Join me on this unique morning stroll.