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Leg 1: Days 1-5: Land’s end to Truro, April 8 to 12, 2017; 60.27 miles (97 km).

Leg 1: Days 1-5: Land’s end to Truro, April 8 to 12, 2017; 60.27 miles (97 km).

Cath’s progress…
Land’s End to Truro, 60.27 miles.
Hmm.. a long way to go !


Boscawen, Cornwall, April 9, 2017
Where some of my ancestors came from, 400 years ago


Prussia Cove, Cornwall, April 10, 2017

Looking south from Men-Amber rock, Cornwall, April 11, 2017

Land’s End


Land’s End croft, an eerie place.


My friend for the day, a friendly one-eyed horse.

Llama and bunnies

Land’s End.

Land’s End.

Land’s End.

Land’s end 8pm sunset

Land’s End.



my first steps..

The bike route. First and last time I saw a signpost. But I will see more later…

Carn Brea

St Euny’s chapel, a sacred place

Ode to a loved one


St Euny’s chapel, a sacred place

Carn Euny settlement since 200 BC!

I did eat a lot of this delicious spring garlic on the way. You can do that when you’re alone, my grandmother use to tell me, so no one could smell my garlic breath!

St Michael’s Mount, the inspiration for the French for their Mont-Saint-Michel.

coins in the wood. Why? Emma said:”So that money grows on trees”…

Home to the great-uncle my landlady in Praa Sands. It’s a famous old cottage on top of cliff over Prussia Cove. He was a fisherman who loved the sea. His wife did not and lived 1 km inland from here. They lived happily every after just a short bike ride from each other…

She told me some great stories of playing and swimming in Prussia Cove with her friends when she was a little girl.  The fishermen “babysat” keeping one eye on the kids from their fishing boats. If one swam too far out, the fisherman would sent out a holler and that was that.

Falcon friend.

My hostess in Praa Sands was singing in her choir but told her husband he was on duty to let me in when I arrived. No amount on knocking on window was going to wake him. Finally I walked in through the back door and made myself at home..

It’s the ‘re-pass’ bit I especially like.


Tin mines

Don’t you love it when this greets you at the entrance to a field?

Spent the afternoon here, painting.

Jane & James, my hosts at Longstone farm. I, and a French family were the first guests they have had in 7 months, and I the first guest they have ever had who arrived on foot. They sent the French family out on a search party for me in the evening as I was not arriving, I was busy painting on a hill not far. When in the countryside I am often struck not only by the incredible hospitality, but also the versatility and knowledge of people.  James is not only a B&B host, he is a carpenter, plasterer, builder, electrician, stone mason, pig farmer, needless to say he built the conservatory they are standing in with his own hands and alone. And of course they think this is normal, to have so many skills, not to mention their warm kindness. Full moon and the most quiet night out my window I can remember.  We got so busy chatting in the morning I forgot to pay them and later in the day they had to track me down the road when we finally got a signal so they could find me with their car.  I disappeared in fields and they were driving around looking for me. How embarrassing!

Sometimes the trail requires a little bull-pushing. I’m just glad the farmer kindly obliged.

And sometimes the trail is not the road most travelled but yes, this is the way to John O’Groats!


Mountains of scallops in Stithians. If someone could tell me why, I’d like to know.

Almost there!

I love my kids:


“Coolest mom ever too!

I too am so glad you are doing this”.

Saw this at the Land’s End hotel…

Listening to audio book: “Sapiens” what a great book!