Home » My End to End Land's End to John O'Groats long walk blog » Leg 2: Days 6-9: Truro to Launceston: April 21-24 2017; 52.06 miles (83.78km). Walked so far: 122.55 miles (197.22km)

Leg 2: Days 6-9: Truro to Launceston: April 21-24 2017; 52.06 miles (83.78km). Walked so far: 122.55 miles (197.22km)

Leg 2: Days 6-9: Truro to Launceston: April 21-24 2017; 52.06 miles (83.78km). Walked so far: 122.55 miles (197.22km)


Truro is beautiful!

The cathedral has amazing stained glass windows with all the great English historical events. He is like me: meditating in ‘the’ field!….

Gotta love this sign it says: “Due to Exhaust fumes entering this property, please park facing this sign” . That is polite!!

Dabuz Moors Truro.

One of my country homes…

near St Wenn, a tiny hamlet where Louise and I met two women standing outside or their houses. When they heard we were walking all the way to John O’Groats (maybe) they rushed into their cottages to get us each a banana and some water. One of them had a makeshift sign over her door: “Pop-up Pub”, and her friend said that she too was a long-distance walker.


He never made it into his field. Machinery is getting too big!!

the scene…

which I attempted to paint on a very hot afternoon

You know who you are!

“wild ponies” of Castle An Dinas, iron age fort

View from Castle An Dinas, iron age fort

I met another crazy woman walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats! Louise is a paediatrician taking a year off. She shows me how to use her nifty OS App. I’m sticking to old fashioned maps. I might regret it some day! Louise and I actually bumped into each other about 4 or 5 times and walked together a little. But she’s faster than me. We had dinner two nights and breakfast once. Godspeed Louise, she’s doing it all in one go, due to arrive at John O’Groats on July 21… Am following her blog…

Green green green

The lovely man from Tregollis Farm cottages, a wonderful stopping point! But I did not stay there..

Cornish Hens? Some of the rarest and happiest healthiest chickens I’ve every seen. Sadly a rare minority in chicken world… Happy until they get run over that is…

I would go all the way back to Cornwall just to walk or cycle the Camel trail again. So beautiful this dis-used mining railway of Bodmin. Talked for a long time with a man called James here. 

Bodmin jail: terrifying but where the birds go free nesting in the overgrown roof. I guess it was full of the smugglers from the Jamaica Inn I slept in the following night. Had a nice dinner with Louise the LEJOG walker I bumped into again here in a Witherspoons..

Camel river flowing down from Camelford, but of course!

Robin, my friend for the day

Entering Bodmin Moor

My welcome committee

Soon there is no trail…just follow the peak of Brown Willy, the highest peak in Cornwall a whopping 420 meters… The Lakes won’t be this easy…

3000 year old settlement of Garrow Tor.

on a misty foggy day I would be really spooked here.

Ancient civilization seen from the sky

pick your trail on Bodmin Moor.

Bodmin Moor, I would not like to be here in the mist and fog..

This is the trail. Thank God for my compass

I made it to the summit, where I met a famous musician: Pete Berryman and his partner, Carol from Land’s End.  A wonderful encounter.

This rock looks like a fish, and it looked like a lamb from other side.

Easiest trail to the Jamaica Inn: walking on the old stone wall.

Walked 20 miles today. never again please thank you very much

This little guy followed me for miles, flying from post to post and waiting for me, mocking me.