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My End to End walk: Leg 10: Days 37 to 41: Codsall to Monyash; April 10 to 14, 2018, 80.5 miles (130 km). Total walked so far: 560 miles (901 km)

So far: Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Devonshire…

A few glimpses of “the way” on some very wet English days, but beautiful tracks always..


Roman road below, Union canal above.

Shropshire Union Canal, so enchanting.

Where’s the trail? Under water! Another case of wading through water in my bare toes. Felt good actually.

Really? Yes I did it! Am forgetting what it’s like to walk on dry land..

water, mud;  mud and water…

Happy to have lovely Charlotte, the fastest walker I’ve ever walked with, join me in Penkridge for a few days. Great company, a totally trooper in these dire conditions and fun to be with, thanks for the companionship Charlotte!

During our three days together, we never saw so much as a glimpse of blue sky..

15th century Essex Bridge at Great Haywood is now the longest remaining packhorse bridge in England with fourteen of its original forty round span arches left, and has been described as “perhaps the least altered old bridge in the county”.

Trent and Mersey Canal, I love canal walking

Nothing has changed since Constable here.

red field in Colton

Living sculpture

Taking the high road in Abbots Bromley away from the mud down there..

Somebody has had a bad day.

As Australia burns in fires, England is sinking in water. The only good thing about these flooded fields is that much cattle and bulls were not out yet, they would sink and get stuck.

Guns were shooting like mad here at this shooting club, but also here lives a very happy turkey, my new friend


Alstonfield, the end of the walk for Charlotte

Peter and his youth hostel was the best! My own room and en-suite bathroom for £17.

Hard to beat that.

Dear Garth and Charlotte: thanks for a real fancy gourmet dinner at the George pub! A welcome change from my usual walking grub. 🙂 And thanks for driving up here Garth to meet up with your wife! 😉

A good breakfast spot

River Dove, Wolfescote Dale

North of Harpington

Monyash is a village of frogs where the busses say the run but they don’t, but the word travels fast about the stranded walker waiting two hours at a bus stop that does not hold it’s promise of one bus a day. One man would have liked to drive me to the train station, but he said he’s had a few pints too many..

Had to hitch a ride to Chesterfield, it didn’t take long for Helen and Keith to pick me up, thanks guys for driving me to Chesterfield, it’s famous crooked steeple and my train home..

As always, thanks for looking at my blog, it makes me feel a little more surrounded on my long walk  xoxo

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  1. Hey Kat, Great to meet you too in Torside. And good on your LEJOG for charity. Am sending a few bob. http://www.katsbigwalk.com And looking forward to following your progress as well. 🙂 x
  2. Krishna says:
    Great pictures Catherine! Love the ones of places where you had to walk through the water. Have fun, would love to join you, hopefully soon.
  3. Hi Catherine. Loving reading your blog and comparing routes! Look forward to reading your Pennine Way write up. Was nice to meet a fellow LEJOGer over breakfast at Torside. ?
  4. Lotta says:
    Catherine, So much fun to follow you and see all of your adventures!!! We are currently sitting drinking coffee in a grand old king bed in an Inn in Sourton in Devon after walking the Moors….thinking of you and will try to join one day. Miss you!!!
  5. Suchi says:
    So wonderful to read about your journeys and see your pictures and water colours! So inspiring! I feel very fortunate to have done one tint stretch with you and look forward to others…
    Thank you so much for sharing. Keep walking & inspiring many others! xxx
    Much love
  6. Was so great to walk w you Charlotte, and till soon I hope. All the best for the marathon on Sunday!
  7. Thanks Crystal, nice to read you here and thanks for following me 🙂 xx
  8. Thank you Philippe for looking and for your comments. Come walk with me! Love you bro xoxo
  9. Philippe says:
    I lived through your walk with you via wapp and here again, what a fantastic adventure you are creating for yourself , sis, bravo. Cant believe how much you’ve gone so far. I love how your friend in the pictures is often far in front, I hope she waited for you sometimes. she must be fast, because you are fast already. I’m amazed at all the water walk. Only the english walk in the wet unless it really rains hard, no cancelation. They have that reputation in Switzerland. hugs, p*
  10. Lucy says:
    Fantastic pictures! You are making great progress!!
  11. Crystal Phillips says:
    So sorry that I haven’t been following this closely. I will now go back and catch up. That mud looks so familiar. Stepped right out of my boot once in the clay. Looking forward to your next post. As always, love your photos.
  12. Anonymous says:
    Hard to believe you have gone so far. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures and happy slices of life with us
  13. Laura Mosedale says:
    Beautiful pics as always! I can’t believe how far along you are now.
  14. Charlotte O'Malley says:
    It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed every muddy moment walking with you. I will be back!