Home » My End to End Land's End to John O'Groats long walk blog » My End to End walk: Leg 12: Days 46 to 50: Hebden Bridge to Hawes; June 13 to 17, 2018, 76.15 miles (122km) walked so far: 711.65 miles (1,145 km).

My End to End walk: Leg 12: Days 46 to 50: Hebden Bridge to Hawes; June 13 to 17, 2018, 76.15 miles (122km) walked so far: 711.65 miles (1,145 km).

My End to End walk: Leg 12: Days 46 to 50: Hebden Bridge to Hawes; June 13 to 17, 2018.

So nice to have my newlyweds Lizzie and Christophe joining me for part of the first three days of this leg, here to join me, all the way from the Pyrenees!

Christophe approaching Wurthering Heights

Still a long way to go….

Swaledale heaven

Gorgeous family in the wind. But you will never eat them or their eggs. ALL the chicken or eggs you eat, layers or broilers, organic, free-range or “normal” in the shops come from unfortunate ladies like the one I’ve inserted in the middle, photo not taken by me, as it is illegal of anyone to go see how they “live”.

If you want to eat eggs from this happy family, you have to shop here. And for once, the photo that goes with the eggs does not lie.


The newlyweds were fun to have along, even there were not enough trees and too much wind for one of them, not enough wind or wind turbines for the other it was too cold for one of them (the English one who moved to France), my first ever ‘complaining’ companions admitted in the end that they loved it and it’s just “being French” to complain all the time, even though they were actually having a good time..

Beautiful Pennine way and it’s flagstones

Cotton flowers

Christophe giving his bride a little help in the wind. I think it’s easy to tell which one loves wind and which one hates it!

The newlyweds recovering in the wind

More newlyweds

Me! (photo taken by the newlyweds)


This curious art critic and I were killing time painting in a Gargrave morning while the newlyweds drove their car up to Malham and came back by taxi to walk up there with me, on a very easy restful day along the river Aire.

Last easy day with the newlyweds before some serious hiking without them with Sue from Malham to Hawes for two days.

The beautiful Sue, and her Esther getting ready for an adventure with me, beginning in the magical Malham Cove.

Surreal limestone pavement at the top of Malham Cove.

Getting ready to tackle Pen-y-Ghent, the second highest peak in England, one of the famous “Three Peaks”

Esther had to make some really big jumps with her 4 little legs to get straight up. On top, we had no visibility at all, not rain, rather buckets of water falling on us like I’d never seen before, set my on a crazy laughter it was so incredible!

Sights clearing on the way down…

If you every get lucky enough to meet Sue. She is the gentlest kindest soul, kept me company with her soft voice and captivating stories and…even carried my bag!

Pen-Y-Ghent showing herself off, after we’d been up and down in fog, and slept a night in Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

Ribbleshead viaduct, a place to come back to.

Pen-y-Ghent and a the steep south face we climbed yesterday in pouring buckets and torrents, and a lonely walker.

Beautiful Yorkshire Dales, Beautiful Pennine Way. There is no place I’d rather be when I’m here.

Esther waiting for my signal. 🙂

Approaching Hawes

Last blissful steps with Sue before she had to head home.

The kind of club I’d like to join, in Hawes, James Herriot’s town.

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  1. John Lloyd says:
    Great pictures. Good luck with your walk.
  2. Louise says:
    WOw ! Wonderful photos – I know the area a bit around Todmorden. That’s a place you’d like! Looks like tough but very exciting exhilarating walking – and you must be over half way now ! Superbly in spiring.
  3. Anonymous says:
    thanks Jane. Was with you when I bought that hat in Scotland! xoxo
  4. Jane Bedford says:
    Catherine, what a stunning walk. I love your photos – thanks so much for sending them. Yes – great Hat !! It looks as if you’ve had it all your life! Travel well. Much love, jane b
  5. Ingrid says:
    Love this story and your fab hat ! Can really see you and Sue rollicking over hill and dale together wonderful companions – gorgeous little paintings too – really appreciate your walk story even if I can’t be there with you ! Let me know when you check back into the big smoke – lovevto see you Ms itchy foot xxx
  6. Teresa Turvey says:
    Catherine, cherie. May I borrow Maman’s words? Je te félicite et t’admire. This post is wonderful. Warmest wishes to you on your journey. And much love.
  7. Quelle étape, ma Catherine. Tu as un courage stupéfiant ! Mais, s.t.p. il FAUT ralentir un peu. Ta santé d’abord! Les paysage sont spectaculaires et ton observation d’animaux et de la nature, incroyablement belle ! Je te félicite
    et t’admire, ma fille chérie. Ta maman de toujours !