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A fascinating not-so-old story gone so fast up and down and down more and up and up again..

And today, of course, the “Notting Hill Set” revolving around intellectuals and wealthy young political types mix and match with true Spanish,  Portuguese, Moroccan and Afro-Caribbean communities with a very spicy and recent history.

All of this to say that Notting Hill is a total worthwhile neighbourhood to get to know.  You will see that there is a lot more to Notting Hill than that cheeky blue door…..

Come learn more with a fun group for a stroll

from 10 to noon


Tuesday March 21 and

Saturday April 1st

10am to noon


To reserve your spot, just drop me a line @



Finally, after twenty years of living near HAMPSTEAD, I’ve decided to offer a Hampstead village walk.

It has been so much fun wandering around Hampstead village these past warm & sunny days, the magnolias in bloom the little streets are unique and the people who lived there amazing. If you would like to have a fun morning out discovering, like me, that you thought you knew everything about Hampstead but actually you didn’t know the half of it, come join me for a fun morning walk with friends you haven’t met yet 😉

My new Hampstead village walk will be from 10am to noon on

• Friday May 26, 2023

10am to noon


drop me a line to sign up!